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For Single State Employers
  • Describe your business profile
  • Fill out a form about your company's policies & procedures
  • Receive a copy of your handbook via email!

Professional Package

For Single & Multi-State Employers
  • Describe your business profile
  • Our HR Pros set up a personal consultation with you to discuss your questions and policies
  • Receive a copy of your completely customized handbook via email!

Why you need an employee handbook?

In 2010, there were 99,922 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) charges filed, more than a 7% increase from the 93,277 charges filed in 2009. Having an employee handbook helps to protect your company from legal liability, while effectively communicating your expectations to your employees.

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What do you get?

An up-to-date employee handbook customized to meet all federal, state and industry regulations based on the information you provide us.

Download your company specific employee handbook in MS Word format so that you can update it as your company grows.

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Get your own customized employee handbook!

Join hundreds of our Professionals, Business Owners, and Office Managers in creating your own customized handbook. Your handbook will:

  • Be developed by an experienced HR Professional
  • Comply with all state & federal employment regulations
  • Effectively communicate your expectations to employees
  • Protect your company from legal liability

Who are we?

We are a trusted HR company delivering HR solutions and products to over 40,000 users daily! Employee handbooks are all created by our certified HR Professionals who average over 20 years of experience. Our HR Pros have created 1000’s of employee handbooks and are knowledgeable in many disciplines.

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